Client Overview

  • Client Profile: A Data Analytics Firm based out of Ohio, USA
  • Industry: Analytics and Data Services


Our client, a growing analytics firm based out of Ohio, USA, partnered with our digital agency to strategically utilize LinkedIn marketing to increase brand awareness, grow its LinkedIn following, and generate leads from Fortune 500 clients in the USA. With a reputation for delivering data-driven insights, the client aimed to leverage LinkedIn's professional network to enhance its industry presence and acquire high-profile clients.

Client Goals

  • Increase brand visibility and recognition within the analytics and data services sector.
  • Grow the company's LinkedIn following, with a focus on attracting industry professionals.
  • Generate qualified leads from Fortune 500 companies in the United States.
  • Measure and optimize the ROI of LinkedIn marketing campaigns.

Linkedin Marketing Metrics for the Data Analytics Industry

CTRConversion RatesROIAd FormatsLead Quality
0.5%-2%2%-5%100%-300%Sponsored Content,Sponsored Inmail,Text AdsHigh

Our Approach

1. LinkedIn Profile Enhancement: We began by optimizing their LinkedIn Company Page, ensuring that it showcased the company's expertise, services, and values. This included the addition of relevant keywords and a visually appealing cover image.

2. Targeted Content Strategy: We developed a content strategy that catered to industry professionals, including thought leadership articles, case studies, whitepapers, and infographics.  The content was tailored to address the specific pain points and challenges faced by Fortune 500 companies.

3. Strategic Networking: We actively expanded their professional network by connecting with decision-makers and influencers in Fortune 500 companies and the analytics industry. This network growth helped in increasing reach and engagement.

4. Sponsored Content Campaigns: We designed and executed sponsored content campaigns with a focus on lead generation. These campaigns showcased their success stories like developing a patented Health Analytics Solution for Healthcare Companies in the USA, to a highly targeted audience.

5. Lead Generation Campaigns: We implemented lead generation forms on sponsored content to capture information from potential clients interested in their services. This allowed for seamless lead capture directly on LinkedIn.

6. LinkedIn Analytics and Tracking: We closely monitored campaign performance using LinkedIn analytics, tracking key metrics such as engagement, click-through rates, form submissions, and the cost per lead.


1. Enhanced Brand Visibility:

  • The Company significantly increased its brand visibility within the analytics and data services sector, with a 4000% growth in followers on LinkedIn.

2. Professional Network Growth:

  • The company expanded its professional network, connecting with over 4000 industry professionals and decision-makers, including Fortune 500 company executives.

3. Lead Generation Success:

  • The lead generation campaigns resulted in the acquisition of high-quality leads from Fortune 500 companies, demonstrating the effectiveness of the strategy.

4. Positive ROI:

  • The campaign achieved a positive return on investment (ROI) of 5:1, indicating a successful integration of LinkedIn marketing into their lead generation efforts.


The Company’s strategic use of LinkedIn marketing successfully enabled it to achieve its objectives of increasing brand visibility, growing its LinkedIn following, generating qualified leads from Fortune 500 clients, and measuring ROI.