Client Overview

  • Client Profile: A 40-year-old Video Production Company based out of the UAE.
  • Industry: Video Production and Creative Services
  • Location: United Arab Emirates (UAE)


A premier video production company based in the United Arab Emirates approached our digital agency with the objective of positioning itself as a leader in the highly competitive field of video production and creative services through content marketing. They recognized that effective content marketing would not only enhance brand visibility but also establish their expertise in the industry.

Client Goals

  • Establish themselves as a leader in video production and creative services in the UAE.
  • Increase brand awareness and recognition among local and international clients.
  • Generate high-quality leads and inquiries for video production projects.
  • Measure the impact of content marketing efforts on brand leadership.
Engagement RateTime on PageCTRSubscriber GrowthBrand Awareness
1%-5%1min-5min0.5%-3%5%-20%Brand mentions
Sentiment analysis
Brand Recall

Our Approach

1.Comprehensive content marketing: We began by developing a comprehensive content strategy that aligned with client goals. The strategy included a mix of informative blog posts, case studies, video showcases, industry insights, and social media content.

2. Website Optimization: We optimized the company's website to ensure it reflected its leadership in the industry. This included redesigning the homepage, creating an impressive portfolio section, and showcasing client testimonials.

3.Video Production : We produced high-quality video content to demonstrate Lightscape Productions' capabilities. This included video showcases of their best work, behind-the-scenes videos, and client testimonials.

4. Blogging and Industry Insights: We regularly published blog posts that addressed industry trends, video production techniques, and creative storytelling. These articles showcased them as thought leaders.

5. Social media marketing: We leveraged social media platforms like LinkedIn to promote blog posts, video content, and industry insights. Engaging visuals, creative captions, and interactive posts helped in building a community of followers.

6. Email marketing: We implemented an email marketing strategy to keep clients and prospects informed about the latest projects, industry trends, and special offers.

7. Analytics and Monitoring: We used analytics tools to track the performance of content, website traffic, engagement, and lead generation. This data guided our content optimization efforts.


1. Established Leadership

  • Over the course of one year, The Company established itself as a leader in the video production and creative services industry in the UAE.

2. Increased Brand Recognition

  • The Company experienced a 45% growth in brand recognition among local and international clients.

3. High-Quality Leads

  • Content marketing efforts generated a steady stream of high-quality leads and inquiries for video production projects.

4. Measurable Impact

  • The Company saw a 40% increase in website traffic and engagement, with a notable rise in the time spent on the website.


The use of content marketing strategy effectively enabled them to achieve their objectives of establishing leadership in the industry, increasing brand awareness, generating high-quality leads, and measuring the impact of their efforts.